The Top 11 Movie Serial Killers

Norman Bates (Psycho)
One of the original, and still most disturbing, serial killers in the history of American film, Norman Bates set the bar for all cinematic depravity to follow in Alfred Hitchcock's iconic 1960 film Psycho. Norman had the perfect serial killer setup. He never had to go out and skulk around in the dark. The victims came right to him. He even had that handy-dandy peephole so he could scope out the merchandise before buying. Seriously, though, Norman Bates was such a deranged serial killer that his story became legendary. Psycho eventually spawned some sequels that looked to add to the tale, but the entire story was told when Mrs. Bates was revealed in the cellar before a frocked Norman could add to his body total. A simply unforgettable killer.

The Sawyer Clan (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre)
Everything's bigger in Texas? You're damn right! Sometimes things are done better by a group, and that was certainly the case with The Sawyer Clan in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Sure, Leatherface got all the love, but we've got to remember that it was The Hitchhiker that initially found the five kids in the big blue van. And it was The Cook that brought poor Sally Hardesty back for her dinner date with the Sawyers. So even though it was Leatherface's hulking form and chainsaw handiwork that audiences took away from the film, the serial killing in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was certainly a team effort. And, of course, after losing The Hitchhiker at the end of the film, they replaced him with an even more entertaining member when Bill Moseley's Chop-Top returned from Vietnam for Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 12 years later. You wouldn't want to see the Sawyers moving into the vacant house next to yours, but they do make one efficient team of serial killers. The saw is family.

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I was thinking of things to knitpick...until I saw NATURAL BORN KILLERS.
= Free pass!
Just kidding. Great list. Some day I will finish HENRY. It's one of the "special" ones I save...and then forget to watch! D'oh.

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