Exclusive: Diary of the Dead in 48 Hours

Thank you, George!!!I thought today could get no better. I went to a small Greek town, ate 10 Greek pastries and then received a refund in the mail … on a Sunday?! Everything was beautiful and sunshines and rainbows. Then my phone rang.

Uncle Creepy, who is currently at Rock & Shock, gave me a call on my way home with some amazing exclusive news straight from George A. Romero’s mouth: Contrary to news from other websites, Romero’s newest project Diary of the Dead is not starting in a couple months. In fact, it is starting principle photography within 48 HOURS!!! That’s right! Either Monday or Tuesday of this week Diary of the Dead is going to start rolling big time.

This newest edition to George’s Dead series is a bit different than his past efforts. We will be seeing the start of the zombie uprising through a new perspective. In Romero’s own words, “It’s a bunch of kids that are out making a movie … college kids that are making their own little horror flick and they have a camera … and they get the news and they take off in a van and it’s all then, it’s all from this guy’s camera.” You can learn more about the project if you listen to Creepy’s interview with The Man right here.

Kryten Syxx

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