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Help Ken and Help the Kids!In case you missed our interview with him, Ken “Kincaid” Sagoes of Nightmare on Elm Street 3 & 4 is out to help inner city kids via the Giving Back Foundation and by participating in the L.A. Marathon on March 2nd. You can help too, ya know?

Click here to donate to the cause and Ken promises to name each mile after a horror genre villain, “I promised to name each mile after a horror villain. Here goes. Mile 1-Night shadow, Mile 2-Chucky, Mile 3-Darth Vader, Mile 4-Boogie Man, 5-Dracula, Mile 6-Pumpkinhead, Mile 7-Damien, Mile 8-Leatherface, Mile 9-Leprachaum, Mile 10-Alien, Mile 11-Zombies, Mile 12-Annie Wilker, MILE 13-JASON VOORHEES, Mile 14-Norman Bates, Mile 15-Hannibal Lecter, Mile 16-Candyman, Mile 17-Predator, Mile 18-Frankestein, Mile 19-The werewolf, Mile 20-Poltergeist, Mile 21-Ghost face, Mile 22-Pennywise, Mile 23-Blacula, Mile 24-Pinhead, Mile 25-Michael Myers, MILE 26-FREDDY KRUEGER!

Please donate to this cause, because as Ken said, “One of the true nightmares, on any street, is for a young person not to have the tools it takes to further their education.

Check out Ken’s MySpace page for more information.


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