Repo! Moves Forward a Bit

Repo! (click to see it bigger!)The good news? There’s some new art for Repo! The bad news? The project is just now reaching the DI color grading stage.

The MySpace blog of Repo! director Darren Bousman filled us in on the current status of the organ harvesting musical: “This morning was the single most exciting part of the Repo! post thus far… The DI color grading for the film… I was finally able to dial in the look I want for Repo! … There is a hyper stylized look I am trying to accomplish – and this morning I SAW it come to life!

So what does this mean for those of us who are eagerly awaiting Repo! The Genetic Opera to hit theatres? Well, the film is steadily moving along in production and Darren’s producers have his back, but we may not know for a while when it will finally arrive. Lionsgate struck the original April 24th, 2008 date from its official list and gave it a general ’08 arrival estimate. Guess we play more of the waiting game.


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