Toxie Makes Musical and Remake Return?

Musical Melvin?What won’t people turn into musicals these days? What films won’t studios decide to remake for that matter? Not even Troma is safe from this weird trend!

Icons of Fright chatted with Troma’s main man Lloyd Kaufman about future indie projects, and he let loose some odd news regarding future installments in the Toxic Avenger franchise. When questioned about some pictures Lloyd had on his desk he admitted, “Yes! Some excellent theatrical producers, the folks that brought you Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and I believe the Harriet Tubman story, the musical of course, they are going to be producing Toxic Avenger: The Musical.”

As far as the rumors go about a Toxie remake, Mr. Kaufman commented, “We’re getting a lot of calls from people like Brett Ratner and others who want to remake Troma movies,” but actual cash has never shown up to move things along. Lloyd also isn’t really thrilled with the idea of betraying fans by letting anyone else outside of Troma touch the material, unless that person was Eli Roth or James Gunn.

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Mike Phalin

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  • Chainsaw

    I hate to admit this, but…I’d love to see a big budget remake of Class Of Nuke’Em High.

  • Emy

    I thought Evil Dead 1 & 2: the musical was a lot of fun, good and very entertaining, not a debacle at all… Maybe they changed it a lot between its run in Montreal and its run on Broadway…

  • Gus Bjork

    I love a good musical.

    And do you know how fucking long it’s been since I’ve seen a good-original-musical?!! I’m sick to death of these adaptations. The last thing this world needs is another Evil Dead the Musical debacle.