The Top 11 Creepiest Kids in Horror

The Grady Sisters-The Shining
Daughters of Charles Grady, the previous caretaker of The Overlook Hotel before Jack Torrance brought his family to what would become a snowbound prison, the Grady sisters were the subject of one of the most iconic images in the history of horror. Standing side-by-side in the hallway of The Overlook, the sisters asked young Danny Torrance to "Come and play with us... for ever and ever..." while images of their butchered bodies lying in the same hallway flashed on the screen. Absolutely chilling. Sure, The Shining contains many legendary lines ("All work and no play make Jack a dull boy." "Heeeere's Johnny"), but it's the sight of the Grady Sisters that's still one of the most recognizable - and scariest - things in the movie.

Gage Creed-Pet Sematary
The youngest entrant on our list of creepy kids, Gage Creed was the victim of some horrendously bad parenting, on several occasions, during his short life. Not only was the tot allowed to chase a kite into oncoming traffic while his sister called him a dumbshit, but his father and grandfather got into a fistfight at the poor boy's funeral, and then dad decided to bury him on sacred Native American land in the hopes that Gage would return to life. It's no wonder he came back from the Micmac burial grounds with such a piss-poor attitude. His memorable scenes, especially with Fred Gwynne, are amazing. A sliced Achilles tendon here, a throat bit out there. Yikes! There's nothing like a reanimated little bastard running around with a scalpel and bad intentions. That's the stuff nightmares are made of.

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