Barbarian Gets the Urge

Riots on the streets in Urge?Seems like this one’s been done before, no? Variety reports that Barbarian Film Fund has decided to back Urge, a psychological thriller written by Guy Busick. The story is another tale of humanity going bad thanks to the government.

In a small town most of the population is exposed to a failed government experiment that reduces them to their most base instincts, causing all sorts of violence and sexual assaults as normal men and women run around like animals. A small group of unaffected townspeople must try and survive the onslaught while attempting to save their community.

Not the most original of ideas, but it’s all about the execution really. If it can be pulled off with some style and dignity, and copious amounts of bloodshed, I’ll be there! No director’s been named yet, but expect to hear about one very soon!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane