Lionsgate to Release Decent Titles?

Knock Knock on DVD!Those digital mavens over at DVD Active just got the first look at a quintet of upcoming Lionsgate horror titles, a few of which actually sound promising!

Knock, Knock (April 29th) is the first of those, a slasher film that apparently has more in common with Italian giallos than Halloween or Friday the 13th. The disc comes with featurettes on the mask, makeup, music, and something called “Beat Down”, as well as some trailers and other assorted goodies.

The Backwoods on DVD!Then we have The Backwoods (review) (April 15th), the Gary Oldman-starrer that’s been winning accolades whenever it’s been shown. Too bad it’s getting a straight-to-DVD treatment here, especially one with such a terrible cover, but at least it’ll out.

The Backwoods tells of a couple visiting their friend (Oldman) who lives in an isolated cabin. They soon discover a young girl, missing her hands and stuck in the forest. They try to get her help but the locals know she is not supposed to leave. Sadly, the DVD will be barebones.

Seance on DVD!Séance (April 22nd) is from the writer of Vacancy (is that supposed to be a mark for it?) and tells of a group of college kids (ugh) who are trying to rid their dorm of the ghost of a little girl killed there. Instead of getting rid of her, however, they accidentally bring back the girl’s killer. Whoops! Adrian Paul (you know, the Highlander) stars in it, so there’s reason enough to avoid. No extras on this one, either.

The Minus Man on DVD!Strangest on the list is The Minus Man (April 15th), which stars Luke Wilson as a serial killer (!) who chooses his victims by wandering around town and murdering those who complain about life and indicate a willingness to die. Brian Cox, Sheryl Crow, Dwight Yoakam and Janeane Garafalo fill out this very strange cast for a horror flick.

Done back in 1999, I’m really curious why this is almost 10 years waiting for release. We won’t find out on the bonus materials, however; extras on the Minus Man DVD will include biographies on serial killers and the film’s trailer. Yippee!

The Backwoods on DVD!Finally, the new film from Pulse and Cure director Kyoshi Kurosawa; Retribution (April 15th). A detective is on the case of finding the killer of a woman in a scarlet dress that was drowned in salt water and, oddly enough, all the clues lead back to him. Before he knows it a ghost in a red dress begins to appear as more victims are found killed with the same M.O.

Features will include a making-of featurette, an interview with director Kyoshi Kurosawa and an alternate ending.

All in all, not a terrible list, really. Could it be Lionsgate is expanding their horizons and seeking out good horror for once? Or is this just a weird coincidence? Time will tell, I guess!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • mansuave

    Actually, THE MINUS MAN received a DVD release years ago, through Artisan. I remember renting it back in 2002 with a friend because we were really curious about Owen Wilson as a psycho killer.

    Bad decision. My god, is that movie bad.

  • frank_dracman

    I’ll go on record and say Minus Man is the best movie Wilson ever made. Garafalo, besides being drop dead sexy, is certainly a good actress. Why she isn’t in more things is beyond me. Can’t wait to pick this one up, been a while since I’ve seen it.

  • Caine Is Able

    I haven’t seen it in a long time, but the premise for The Minus Man seems to vaguely remind me of that of Dust Devil………just without the whole supernatural angle.

    Speaking of Dust Devil, it’s hightime I got my copy back from my buddy that I loaned it to…

  • Terminal

    Sounds like a very interesting list of movies. I’ll be on the lookout.