Godzilla - Producers Depart; Warner Brothers Committing to Start Time

Some interesting news out of the Godzilla camp as HitFix is reporting that two producers will be exiting the production, but don't worry too much as things are just now officially starting to get cooking! Know what that means, kids? Official COVERAGE and lots of it!

According to the site producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee depart this week to work on several other projects as their plates are incredibly full at the moment. However, the big news is that recently director Gareth Edwards put together a show-and-tell in one of the stages on the Warner lot to walk the studio through his vision of the film, and it went well enough that they now seem committed to a March start date for the film.


Look for the film on May 16, 2014, and keep it here for lots more in the meantime.


Godzilla - Producers Depart; Warner Brothers Committing to Start Date

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Source: HitFix



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In the tradition of American Guyver, American Ultraman, American Fist of the North Star, and the first American Godzilla...

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