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Chucky is a modern horror icon, slashing his way through film after film, with a growing body count and a growing family. Sideshow is proud to bring Chucky to life with the most eerily realistic figure ever produced. Chucky stands 14 inches tall and is built on a vinyl doll body capable of sitting and standing poses. The arms have a clever rotating swivel joint at the elbows that allow bent arm or straight arm poses, and the figure is ball-jointed at the neck, shoulders, and hips. He’s dressed to kill in the tattered remains of his “Good Guys” clothing set. Even though he may look like a toy, don’t let your guard down … Sculpted by Erick Sosa.

Sideshow's 14 inch Chucky (click for larger image)Sideshow's 14 inch Chucky (click for larger image)Sideshow's 14 inch Chucky (click for larger image)Sideshow's 14 inch Chucky (click for larger image)

This is one of those pieces where what you see is pretty much what you get. Chucky employs a pretty standard doll body with his freakish, reconstructed head popped on top! There are some nice little additions to articulation, as listed in the press blurb above, that add to the levels of expression in this toy. Lifting his head skyward will remind you of the character chanting the spell that transfers his soul into a host body. That alone should make this a must-have piece for horror collectible fans. The cloth outfit is fairly authentic and can be removed, though you’ll find no battery case in the back, so no real point in it, other than for the sake of detail. Fake doll hair juts from exposed staples near cracked plastic stitched back together as big blue eyes stare at you, hopelessly trying to convince you there is some innocence left within. Naa. This is ugly Chucky. No more playing possum for him! This is a great head sculpt and one far superior to similar doll attempts at this scale. No weapons included with good ole’ Charles … just a doll stand and a lot of killer attitude. At 50 bucks, this piece feels like a steal for all hardcore Child’s Play fans.

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