Zombie I Scream Chills The App Store

Zombie I Scream is now available for the iPhone for $1.99. The title brags that it is a non-violent approach to zombie games by throwing ice cream at the undead. Now this makes a perfect game for that tiny zombie fan and ice cream lover in your life!

From the Press Release
Zombie I Scream is a new zombie game for the iPhone now available at the iTunes store. It is a family-friendly zombie game. Unlike other zombie games that involve murder and weapons of mass destruction, Zombie I Scream uniquely asks the players to hurl anti-zombie ice cream cones at the zombie hordes in order to return them to human form and save Boston. Save enough humans and the apocalypse is avoided. The game is the first from Boston-based Thefty Jack, LLC.

Boston, Massachusetts - Thefty Jack, LLC, a Boston-based mobile software company, announced today that their new iPhone zombie game, called Zombie I Scream 1.0, was available today in the iTunes App Store.

"Is this the best zombie game for the iPhone? We think it is because it's so unlike the other games in it's non-violent approach," said David Deutsch, Thefty Jack co-founder and chief creative. "Zombie I Scream begins with saving the world from the Zombie apocalypse, that's standard. But the goal in our game is to save the world by saving the zombies. We think that a message of salvation is needed, even in today's zombie-fueled culture. Add the incredible artwork, unique gameplay and a mastermind evil chicken and our game stands out from the pack."

Early buzz on the game has been good. "We're huge fans of the artwork," said Stuart Conover, of buyzombie.com. "We are breathlessly waiting awaiting the Android version."

Zombie I Scream is set in Boston. In it, the players man a tricked-out Government-issued ice cream truck that dispenses anti-zombie-infused ice creams. Dispensing these to zombies returns them to normal; cure enough zombies and you create a reverse domino effect, halting the zombie apocalypse. The backdrop? Famous Boston landmarks and neighborhoods including Fenway Park, Harvard Square and the Faneuil Hall.

The company takes ice cream as a curative remedy seriously. As part of the promotion, the company commissioned NY-based Jane's Ice Cream to create human-edible versions of the zombie flavors, like "Minty Eyeball" and "Vein-illa Oblingata." They will be part of upcoming promotions of the game.

Visit the official Zombie I Scream website to learn more.

Zombie I Scream Chills The App Store

Zombie I Scream Chills The App Store

Zombie I Scream Chills The App Store

Zombie I Scream Chills The App Store

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