Six Slays of Christmas 2012 - Day Six

We're just about there. One day before Christmas! The sled is loaded, the reindeer are mounted (wait, what?) and Santa is donning his gay apparel. That can only mean we've just about come to the end of our Six Slays of Christmas 2012 series. But not before we all have one last Silent Night.

The Six Slays of Christmas 2012 - Day Six

Last year we closed the original Six Slays of Christmas with one of the all-time iconic yuletide horror films: Silent Night, Deadly Night. So it's only fitting to end the Six Slays of Christmas 2012 with the reimagining of that controversial film. Silent Night is not a sequel or a remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night, but there are definitely aspects that tie these films together. Although it isn't blood related, it is certainly a member of the family. And the makers of the new film were wise enough to grab one of the most memorable scenes from the original film to recreate. Who doesn't remember the near comatose grandfather waking up and scaring the shit out of his grandson when no one else was around, warning him to stay the hell away from Santa Claus, only to drop back into a stupor as soon as someone entered the room. Silent Night gives us a nice updated take on that interaction. Oh, and there's also plenty of blood-letting for everyone.

Much like its predecessor, Silent Night holds nothing back. With an intro that includes eyeballs exploding from a Christmas lights electrocution, this movie let's you know you're in for a real treat. Going forward from there, you get a sickle to the groin, a cattle prod to a particularly ungrateful tween, an axe to the head and the most severe use of a wood chipper since Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Add in Santa Claus chasing a bare-assed girl through a Christmas tree farm, and you've got the perfect holiday killing spree.

The film features Donal Logue as a mysterious drifter that seems sure to be the killer Santa. You'll have to check it out to find out for yourself whether he's the man behind the mask or not, but I can tell you he goes on a pretty impressive holiday rant that certainly illustrates some of the feelings experienced by many around the holidays. That little speech is the scariest part of the entire film! On a lighter note, fun in the cast is provided by Malcolm McDowell as Sheriff Cooper. His crotchety lawman delivers a lot of laughs, and Jaime King brings some drama (and beauty) as his deputy.

There's no need to dig too deep into this one. It's a pure slasher. You'll be amazed how impressive a look the filmmakers created for the killer Claus with just one of those $1 clear plastic masks with a Santa Claus beard stapled to it. The killer is freaky looking, the kills are creative and the F/X are to die for! Santa Claus is coming to town, indeed. And he's bringing a cattle prod and brass knucks with him! Look out!!!

Hope you guys all enjoyed reading this year's Six Slays of Christmas as much as I enjoyed writing them. Combine these films with last year's six, and now we've got a pretty decent 12 Slays of Christmas right here at Dread Central. Thank you all so much for your passion and dedication to our beloved genre. Without you it'd be a black Christmas indeed. Enjoy the holiday, Dreaddies.

Six Slays of Christmas 2012 - Day Six - Silent Night

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Hakk Wylde's picture

Oh Man! Once the severed calf went gleefully flying through the air before the wood chipper scene I was definitely more engaged. Really fun, stylized carnage. Me likey! HOHOHO! *saysthejollybrassknucklesastheyCrushYourSkull*

Submitted by Hakk Wylde on Mon, 12/24/2012 - 6:57pm.

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