Happy Holidays from Holliston! Watch the Christmas Special Right Here!

We've made no bones about our love for Adam Green and Joe Lynch's devilishly delightful horrific sitcom "Holliston". And the boys have a couple of special treats for you this holiday season: a free look at the show's Christmas special and a live chat on Facebook.

The "Holliston" Christmas special aired on FEARnet on December 18th, and we have the special uncut version of the show right here for you to feast your peepers on. You won't be disappointed! Adam, Joe, Corri and Laura are back and as entertaining as ever as a snowstorm hits Holliston and hilarity ensues.

And if that's not enough "Holliston" for you, dig this. On Thursday, December 20, the guys and girls mentioned above will all be live on the "Holliston" Facebook page at 7pm PST/10pm EST to do a live chat with everyone about the "Holliston" Christmas Special! (Unfortunately, both Dee Snider and Oderus/Dave Brockie have performances that night so won't be able to make it.)


FEARnet's Holliston Christmas Special

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Terminal's picture

This was surprisingly good! I had a lot of fun with it. Damn, Laura Ortiz is a fucking babe.

Submitted by Terminal on Wed, 12/19/2012 - 2:52pm.
Hakk Wylde's picture

OMG! Gotta hit the live chat on Thurs. That's muh B-day! }:D
p.s. Lookin' Good, Lauraaaaaaaaaa! <3

Submitted by Hakk Wylde on Wed, 12/19/2012 - 2:42pm.

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