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Dread Central has joined the Crave network!Well, it’s been a stupid long time coming, but we’ve finally added the option for you guys to write your own reviews to the movies you see reviewed here on Dread Central!

Basically, once you finish the latest scathing review from Uncle Creepy or the latest disappointed look at a Sci Fi Channel original from The Foywonder, you click on “Write Your Own Review” at the bottom and give us your own take on it! This can be done with any existing review we have in our database, so you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you!

Also, you may have noticed we’ve got links at the bottom of, well pretty much everything, for you to help spread the word on what you see here on Dread to places like Digg, Facebook, Yahoo! and more. Another feature that took a long time to implement, but now that it’s finally here, we encourage you to overuse it!

Finally, in case you didn’t see the press release sent out a few days back, we’re very proud to announce that Dread Central has joined up with Crave Online to become part of their incredibly large, incredibly diverse lineup of entertainment sites! We’re still making the necessary changes on our side, but don’t expect anything too drastic once all is said and done. Basically this means we’ll be seen by more eyeballs than ever before, and we’re always grateful for that!

So go on, get using our new features and spreading the word!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane