Warner Brothers Readying a New Boston Strangler Film

Warner Brothers Readying a New Boston Strangler FilmThose of us who were around back in the Sixties vividly remember the story of the Boston Strangler, but if you were born later, perhaps you've seen the film version starring Tony Curtis. If not, don't worry; a new thriller about the desperate search for the murderer who terrorized the Boston area is coming our way thanks to Warner Bros.

Per Deadline, Kevin McCormick’s Warner-based Langley Park shingle will produce, and the pitch was bought from Casey Affleck and fellow Boston native screenwriter Chuck Maclean. Affleck hopes to star as one of the detectives who were part of the "Strangler Squad" responsible for solving the crime, and he will be exec producer.

The script will be written by Maclean with a tone similar to Se7en and Zodiac and will cover the most haunting unsolved serial murder story in U.S. history. The movie follows an ambitious detective who is willing to risk career and life in a race to bring down the most notorious sexual predator of the day, while battling a political cover-up by corrupt politicians and lawyers trying to save their careers.

Here are some details of the real crimes from Wikipedia:

The Boston Strangler is a name attributed to the murderer (or murderers) of several women in Boston, Massachusetts in the early 1960s. Though the crimes were attributed to Albert DeSalvo after his confession to the murders was revealed in court during a separate case, parties investigating the stranglings have since suggested the murders (sometimes known as the "Silk Stocking Murders") were not committed by one person.

Look for more soon!

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Source: Deadline



I love the original. Tony Curtis was awesome in that. I really dont see a need for a remake but whatever.

Submitted by JB Demented on Sun, 12/09/2012 - 7:22pm.

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