Fear Fest 2 Updates Galore!

3 Mac sponsors Fear Fest 2!All right, just under a month to go before Fear Fest 2 invades your consciousness, and you know you’re going to be hearing about it non-stop between now and its official kick-off on Friday, March 7th! Lots o’ updates to get through this morning, so here goes:

First off, Fear Fest is very proud to welcome our Premier Sponsor, 3Mac Studios, which is behind the upcoming Henry Thomas flick Red Velvet that we just told you about right here. They’ve been nothing but fantastic to and for us, and we’re very happy to have them on board!

Now for some sad news. A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master director Renny Harlin has cancelled since he’ll be off shooting a new movie the weekend of the fest. He’s keen to be back for Fear Fest 3 next year, though, so don’t worry; you’ll be able to tell him how much Deep Blue Sea rocked face-to-face soon enough!

Also, for reasons we’re not 100% sure of, the Guts and Gory message boards are currently offline. This was the main meeting spot for all Fear Fest 2 discussions, but of course forum members are more than welcome to move those talks over to our own Fear Fest message boards while the technical kinks are worked out!

I don’t really know how it’s possible, but we’ve somehow added yet more guests to an already stuffed-to-the-max guest list, seriously cementing us as the biggest horror convention in Texas history! Check out the latest additions:

  • Tommy Lee Wallace, director of Fright Night 2 and Halloween III
  • J. Larose of Saw III fame
  • Toy Newkirk from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4
  • Erika Anderson of A Nightmare on Elm Stree 5
  • Andy Magels, A Nightmare on Elm Street comic artist
  • Kevin Kangas, director of the Fear of Clowns movies
  • Natsha Talonz of Black Devil Doll
  • Artist Gris Grimly
  • Closest Space reunion with cast & crew!
  • Crikkies, what a list! And this is, of course, on top of people like Robert Englund, Neil Marshall, Heather Langenkamp, and oh so many more! Hit the official Fear Fest 2 site for the full lineup and to get your tickets if you haven’t already (lazy bum)!

    Johnny Butane

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    Johnny Butane