Finally! Some Mist DVD Art!

The Mist artI’ve been waiting and waiting for the DVD art to be revealed for The Mist (review), which hits DVD on March 25th (pre-order it here), and this is all I get for my troubles: a slightly tweaked version of the theatrical poster.

I wonder if the film’s controversial ending had anything to do with the replacement of Thomas Jane’s character’s son, whom he’s holding on the poster, to the woman (I’m assuming it’s the school teacher). Seems a bit odd, since she doesn’t figure that heavily into the plot.

And I have to say I hate that gray border. I’m not sure what, exactly, it does to fill me with such loathing, but it just seems … cheap I guess. The artwork would be that much more effective if it took up the whole front, don’t you think? Or am I being too picky?

As we told you about here, the two-disc collector’s edition DVD will feature the following:

  • Audio commentary by writer/director Frank Darabont
  • Eight deleted scenes with optional commentary
  • “A Conversation With Stephen King and Frank Darabont” featurette
  • “When Darkness Came: The Making of The Mist” featurette
  • “Taming the Beast: Shooting Scene 35” featurette
  • “Monsters Among Us: A Look at the Creature FX” featurette
  • “The Horror of It All: The Visual FX of The Mist” featurette
  • “Drew Struzan: Appreciation of an Artist” featurette
  • Hate the cover or love it, the film inside is still one of the best King adaptations I’ve ever seen, not to mention one of the most badass monsters movies to make its way to cineplexes in the last decade or so, so don’t “mist” the chance to see it again (sorry, couldn’t help it)!

    Johnny Butane

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    Johnny Butane

    • gabrielenriquez

      its the same image that is in the official web page of The Mist, just with more red and orange.

      I like it.

      Here in mexico premieres on february 14, im going to see it that weekend!

    • Tsotha-lanti

      And it’s several MONTHS before it premieres in the country where I live… *goes in the corner to mope*

    • Terminal

      Oh no! A Killer Volcano!

    • Kryten Syxx

      It went from The Mist to some sort of forest fire story… What the hell is with the red and orange?