New Findings in The Experiment

The Original Das ExperimentDas Experiment is up on the remake slab only five years after being made. We can cut this one a little slack since remakes of overseas films are a tad more digestible than The Omen for instance. REDREDREDREDREDRED … DAMNIT!

Why do we give more leeway to foreign retellings? Is it because subtitles get in the way of watching the film? Could it be that we can’t stand watching movies that don’t have the hottest new star? Did video really kill the radio star? Whatever happened to Huey Lewis? These questions will churn in the minds of all people until the end of time.

Variety is reporting that the English version of The Experiment will be both written and directed by Paul Scheuring (Prison Break) with financial support from Inferno Entertainment. Since Scheuring created Prison Break, I have a good amount of faith in his newest venture involving detention facilities.

Johnny Butane loved the original Das Experiment, as you can see in his review. Then again, how could anyone not like a movie about experimentation on prisoners going horribly wrong? But it’s going to be a long wait since production may not start until spring of next year.

Kryten Syxx

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