Romero Back on Diamond Dead?

Holy crap, remember Diamond Dead? This was supposed to be Romero’s return to zombie heaven before Universal swooped in and confused matters with Land of the Dead. Romero worked on it for years but if memory serves had to choose between going forward with Land or Diamond and (unfortunately, some say) chose the former.

Cinematical talked to the zombie master just the other day, though, and he delivered the good news that Diamond Dead is, pardon the pun, alive and kicking once again! ”I got a phone call two days ago, before I came here, from the producer saying ‘We’re back!'” Romero told the site. Since the budget is being put together as we speak, nothing further is known, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless!

For those who have forgotten, Diamond Dead is the story of a female singer who tries to join an up-and-coming garage band, only to be the cause of their death. She makes a deal with Death himself to bring them back as a zombie rock band, and they all become immediately famous.

The official Diamond Dead site seems to have transformed into the site for Cameron Romero’s multimedia company, but we’ll keep an eye on it since you never know when it might come back to life, as it were.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Caine Is Able

    Are Ridley & Tony Scott still producing? I always thought that it was extremely odd that even with those two behind the project that it still got canned a few years ago…

  • Rottenjesus

    Screw the LAND OF THE DEAD bitchmonkeys! Romero’s LotD was an awesome return to his zombie roots and I enjoy it more and more with each viewing.

    The original script for DIAMOND DEAD was hilariously off the wall and I can’t wait to see Romero doing a zombie rock horror epic!

  • The Butcher

    I did not like the DIAMOND DEAD screenplay at all. Note to filmmakers making films about rock bands: You should hire a technical consultant for oh soooooo many reasons.

    Trust me, I know. 15 years tour experience under the beer gut ridden belt at this point. And that script was just…lame.

    Sorry, but DIAMOND DEAD just seems like a janky premise.

    But it can’t be any worse than LAND OF THE DEAD. Holy god what an abortion that film was. It nullified a lot of the established mythology and the “subtext” was anything but. It was just so fucking ham fisted and obvious.

    That said, DIARY OF THE DEAD is my most anticipated film of the year. And Romero’s TRILOGY (thank you) still stands as my favorite film series EVER.