Aja’s Piranha Goes 3D?

Not the only one doing it in three dimensions!This may seem a little confusing at first, but try to stay with me here. Koa Films is making a Piranha flick and Alexandre Aja is remaking the original Piranha (“New Piranha, Demons Remake!” – April 2007), OK? Two installments of the same film franchise were in the works, but Koa’s was to be in 3D. Easy enough to follow, right?

Now things just got a little more strange. STYD is reporting that Aja’s flick will also be in three dimensions! Oh yes! Dimension Films will be hitting us in the face with the ferocious fishes on July 24, 2009. I’m all for it, but whatever happened to Koa’s entry?

The title Piranha 3-D: The Invisible Menace isn’t showing up on the KOA production page… Did it get eaten?


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Mike Phalin

Mike Phalin is a contributing writer, reality television star and engineer.

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  • Terminal

    “What’s with the 3D hatred, Terminal?”

    I rarely see 3D movies that are good, nor have I seen 3D that improves a movie.

  • Tsotha-lanti

    I think Aja should become careful to not become known as “that remake guy”.

  • The Woman In Black

    What’s with the 3D hatred, Terminal? Do you feel the same way about Cameron’s new project? Personally, I love 3D when it’s done right and am thrilled to see it making a resurgence with modern technology.

    Re Mirrors, all I can find out about a release date is “2008”. It seems to still be in post.

  • Caine Is Able

    Speaking of Aja, what in the world is up with his next film………..Mirrors? We haven’t heard a single peep about it since it wrapped production at the start of the summer. Is post finished? Are we getting a trailer anytime soon? Does it has a release date? You’d think that with Kiefer Sutherland in it (since 24 is still super-popular) that we’d be hearing a lot more about it across the web.

  • Terminal

    The whole concept sounds lame. I like Aja, but 3D is nothing more than a horrible stupid plea for audiences and a compensation for lack of quality, these days.