The Walking Dead: Recap of and an Inside Look at Episode 3.06 - Hounded

The Governor admonished Andrea for going over the wall when she admitted that she enjoyed the zombie fight club. The Governor was growing on Andrea. Hook up already, you two, and spare us the flirty talks!

Since Michonne went into the red zone, Merle wasn't going to follow her in there. When Neil refused to go along with lying to the Governor, Merle shot him.

Retrieving her pack, Michonne stumbled into a small pack of walkers. Readying for a fight, those walkers totally ignored her. She learned what we knew since the first season, zombie guts made for good camouflage.

Picking up the phone again, Rick was scolded by the woman on the other line for not talking about his wife's death. "You should talk about it, Rick," urged the woman. Is she manning a grief counseling hotline or a mysterious safe haven? How did she know his name? Another hang up. Man, where does the phone carrier send their bills nowadays?

As Michonne limped into a deserted town, Maggie and Glenn parked nearby looking for supplies. They stole a kiss before starting their looting like a zombie-apocalyptic Bonnie and Clyde while Michonne watched them creepily from nearby.

In a back garden, the Governor and Andrea were enjoying their alcohol again. "How long has it been?" asked the Governor about the whiskey but we were all thinking Shane and the car episode. More flirting ensues. The Governor, Phillip, admitted to loving the zombie fight club. They got close and Shane became a flitting memory.

Merle stumbled into Maggie and Glenn. At gunpoint, Merle asked about Daryl and even showed off his knife-hand. Distracting them, Merle got the better of the two, held Maggie hostage at gunpoint and made Glenn drive them somewhere. A hurt Michonne continued watching.

Oscar, Daryl and Carl found some slippers for relaxing when a single zombie attacked them. All three of them dispatched of it together. Upon closer look, Daryl found Carol's knife in the walker's face.

Back on the phone, the woman on the phone taunted Rick some more. Turned out that Rick had talked to Amy, Jim, Jacqui earlier. It's Lori's turn now. What is this? An episode of "The Twilight Zone"? Rick finally realized his hallucination and hung up the phone.

The Governor and Andrea were interrupted in bed by a knock on the door. Merle brought news of Michonne killing his band of merry men before he killed her. Merle didn't bring back Michonne's head and sword because he was ambushed by a zombie horde. But Merle brought back Maggie and Glenn instead and he'll find out where the others were. Back in the room, the Governor and Andrea returned to their carnal activities.

Finally himself again, Rick joined the group and held his baby for the first time. Down in the lower levels, Daryl found Carol still alive and carried her to safety. Out in the open courtyard, Rick spotted something at the fence. Walking out to investigate, he saw Michonne at the fence amidst some walkers and carrying a red basket. Is it the same red basket carried by Maggie earlier?

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