The Walking Dead: Recap and Behind-the-Scenes of Episode 3.04 - Killer Within; Sneak Peek of Episode 3.05 - Say The Word

After having a week off from zombie slaying and taking out the thrash (both the human and non-human kinds), Rick Grimes and the gang at the prison are back in tonight’s gripping episode, entitled "Killer Within."

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you haven’t watched the episode yet. This is a recap, not a review. Continue only if you have watched it. In either case, be sure to scroll to the bottom of Page 2 for a new photo and clip from next week's ep.

"Killer Within" began with a couple of zombies being distracted by a fresh animal kill while a mysterious figure from inside the prison quietly broke a gate chain, left it open and placed a bloody heart on the ground, presumably to attract more hungry walkers. Then we got the opening credits.

When we came back, Glenn and Maggie got busted for using a guard tower as their private love shack. When Daryl yelled, "You coming?" to a flustered, still-trying-to-get-dressed Glenn, it was perhaps the most double-entendre'd phrase ever uttered in the series so far. Oscar and Axel, the two prisoners still left alive, came out to ask Rick to join the group, preferring to hit the road over staying in their cell block any longer. The group conferred with T-Dog acting like Dale and being compassionate, but Rick would not budge.

In Woodbury, the ever-suspicious Michonne got a closer look at the stolen military trucks from last episode before The Governor showed up and made her a proposition to join his army. They played a game of twenty questions about what happened to the soldiers with The Governor having an answer for every question. Nice touch by inferring that if Michonne had helped, the soldiers would have survived

Hershel is awake and is already strolling on crutches!

Cutting back to Woodbury, Andrea and Michonne are poring over maps to plot their journey to the coast. When Andrea wavered on trusting The Governor, Michonne pointed out her gut had kept them alive this long.

While the gang is prepping Axel and Oscar with food and a distraction for their travels, Hershel strolled out into the yard on his crutches and everyone was overjoyed. You know that’s not going last! A group of walkers came into their sights and the killings began again. Hershel is still deadly on his crutches! The group got split up into smaller groups, and we have a casualty.

Back at Woodbury, Andrea gave Merle directions to Hershel’s farm when Merle leeringly asked why they never hooked up. Way to go, smooth operator! Andrea was not interested in going to look for the gang, and Merle suggested they are the same because they were both left behind. Merle is also loyal because The Governor saved him back in the day.

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