Look for Malcolm in the Middle of Destruction: Las Vegas

Look for Malcolm in the Middle of Destruction: Las VegasAn ancient Egyptian curse is unleashing sand tornadoes and hurricane force winds on Las Vegas. This sounds like a mission for Agent Cody Banks! Destruction: Las Vegas is at hand, and only Frankie Muniz can save the day!

But even “Malcolm in the Middle” can’t help everyone Stay Alive without a little help from some friends. That’s where “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil” co-star Maggie Castle, “United States of Tara” co-star Andrew Laurence, “90210” co-star Michael Steger, and the venerable Barry Bostwick as a Vegas lounge lizard come into play.

As a group of college students celebrate in Las Vegas over Spring Break, a furious windstorm unlike any other descends upon the city. Hotel after hotel, the famed Vegas Strip is ripped apart by massive tornadoes of sand and hurricane-like winds. Nelson (Frankie Muniz) and Olive (Maggie Castle) discover that an ancient Egyptian curse has been awakened, and together with classic Vegas singer Sal (Barry Bostwick), they must find a way to stop it before the legendary city is entirely destroyed.

Sounds like it could be fun, especially with Jack Perez directing. You might better know Perez as the director of Some Guy Who Kills People and Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.

According to IMDb, Starz Media’s original title was Blowing Vegas off the Map. A pity they didn’t keep that more eye-catching title, though I fully understand why they would change it. Blowing Vegas off the Map makes it sound more like a comedy – or a porno.

Destruction: Las Vegas is billed as a TV movie so don’t be surprised if you see it on Syfy or some other cable network sometime next year.

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