Never Before Seen FX Footage from The Exorcist Here to Haunt You

Never Before Seen FX Footage from The Exorcist Here to Haunt YouIn what very well may be the greatest and most interesting thing to hit the Internet, several behind-the-scenes videos of The Exorcist have surfaced online that take you inside some of the film's many horrific effects.

The following footage came from a 16mm print which was labeled “Warner Bros color timed anamorphic test – The Exorcist.” The case housing it had William Friedkin’s name handwritten on the address label. The footage was shot on 35mm. This print was a 16mm reduction of the 35mm footage, probably intended to view tests at home or in the office.

Check out the series of videos below courtesy of Bloody Disgusting.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting



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