New Sisters, New Trailer

Sisters It has been 23 years since Brian De Palma directed Sisters. My guess is that it just had to be retold because … well … I have no fucking clue. Look on the bright side though; Chloë Sevigny (The Brown Bunny and Kids) will be in the remake along with Charles Durning, Serge Houde, and Gabrielle Rose to name a few. Is that a step up from Margot Kidder?

Twitch informs us that director Douglas Buck’s version of Sisters is being shopped around at the American Film Market in Santa Monica via Voltage Pictures. Not only is there that bit of information but also a link to the Sisters trailer.

What can we be looking forward to storywise? How about a controlling psychiatrist, snooping journalists, human experimentation, and a conspiracy or two? This makes a welcome change from the endless reissued stories of hot teens getting lost and mutilated by psychos!

Kryten Syxx

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Jon Condit