Quick Synopses for Supernatural Ep. 8.07 - A Little Slice of Kevin and The Vampire Diaries Ep. 4.06 - We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

The CWThe CW has released its full schedule for the November sweeps, and of interest to us were brief synopses of the November 14th and 15th episodes of "Supernatural" and "The Vampire Diaries."

The descriptions are shorter than what the network usually releases (especially where "TVD" is concerned) so look for more details soon, but in the meantime we figured you'd want to know all you can about "Supernatural" Episode 8.07, "A Little Slice of Kevin," which sees the return of Castiel, and "The Vampire Diaries" Episode 4.06, "We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes."

"Supernatural" Episode 8.07 - "A Little Slice of Kevin" (airs 11/14/12, 9-10 pm)
Mrs. Tran (Lauren Tom) and Kevin (Osric Chau) work to concoct a demon bomb to use against Crowley (Mark Sheppard), and Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are stunned when Castiel (Misha Collins) appears and tells them he escaped from Purgatory.

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"The Vampire Diaries" Episode 4.06 - "We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes" (airs 11/15/12, 9-10 pm)
Terrifying hallucinations leave Elena (Nina Dobrev) shaken and confused, causing her to make a dangerous mistake.

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Look for more on both shows soon!

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