13 Goes Extreme

13: Game of Death DVD!I don’t know; it’s hard to call this one a horror movie, to be honest. I first saw 13: Game of Death back when it was still called 13 Beloved at Fantasia last summer; and while, yes, there are some gory and disgusting moments, it’s not really horror … or is it?

STYD got the first look at the cover art for the DVD, which you see to your right. Dimension Extreme is releasing 13: Game of Death on DVD come March 18th, 2008 (pre-order it here). The film follows a young Thai man who, in the course of one really bad morning, loses everything he has. He gets a phone call asking him to perform a simple task for which he will be paid. If he keeps doing the increasingly bizarre tasks every time he gets a call, he’ll keep getting more and more money. Meanwhile, the world is watching him.

A fucked up concept to be sure, and the execution is impressive if you can get past the nails-in-the-ears sound that is the Thai language, so give it a chance when you see it. Dimension Extreme also has Inside, the gory thriller directed by the duo who were set to write and direct the Hellraiser remake, on its slate though sans release date. More soon!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Johnny Butane

    Sorry, but the Thai language is one of the most uncomfortable for me to listen to. This film didn’t bother me nearly as much as some others have, though. It’s hard to enjoy anything if you’re in auditory pain, though.

  • josatana

    “and the execution is impressive if you can get past the nails-in-the-ears sounds that is the Thai language”

    Wha? Are you for real? Heheh, what gets in the way of “impressive execution” in your book is the language in which the film was produced?