Exclusive: Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi Talk The Dead Files Season 3 and Answer Fan Questions

Fan Questions

Jessx3 ‏asks: Amy, do you have any siblings; and if so, are they sensitives, too?

"Yes, I have a younger brother and he is a sensitive, but he does not use his abilities professionally."

Grace MacLeod ‏asks: Amy and Steve - how do you both sleep at night after what you hear and see?

Steve: *laughing* "We tend to have a couple of cocktails after every reveal is over!"

Amy: *laughing* "Yeah, that's what we call 'the unwinding process'!"

Lindsay Rose ‏asks: I want to know how Amy sees spirits - with her actual eyes or her mind's eye?

"I see them with my eyes. I see them just like anyone would see actual living people. Unless I'm using Psychometry, that's when I'm touching an object or like a location's walls. I receive the information through touch, and then I get a visual image."

Rada Lewis ‏asks: Is there an increase in paranormal activity, or does it just seem that way because people are more comfortable talking about it?

Steve: "I don't know about the paranormal end of it, but I think people are more comfortable talking about stuff that even twenty-five or thirty years ago they wouldn't have dreamed of saying. This is a very good thing."

Amy: "I think it's more of an awareness now. The paranormal is something that it's time to talk about. To become more comfortable with it and explore it."

Kathy Vance ‏asks: When you guys are doing the reveal... have you ever had something paranormal happen when talking with a client?

Steve: "Amy's actually had entities sitting with us at the table during the reveal. One time she saw a girl sitting underneath the table holding Amy's leg the entire time." [Season 2, Episode 6: "Pandora's Box"]

Lizz asks: Steve, have you ever been as equally "disturbed" by a dead file as you were while working homicide?

"I've seen so much tragedy and horror in my career. I've seen what people can do to each other. Nothing really shocks me. Sometimes, though, I am a little shocked about the history behind some of these cases. Like, 'Really? This actually happened?' Like the tarred and feathered victim in Key West. I can't believe anyone would actually do that to someone. [Season 1, Episode 8: "Killed by the Klan"] That's the type of things that still surprise me."

Sara asks: Amy, is there any literature or websites you'd recommend for '"sensitives"? Coping, education, etc?

"The thing I suggest is that if you are a sensitive, you take things very slowly. Read your bookstore literature, but also go to the Parapsychological Association. Look up various research papers. Also look in your area to see if you can find somebody who'd be willing to invest some time in helping you understand what's going on with you. There's lots of resources out there you can explore from Duke University and things of that nature."

Wrapping things up, both Steve and Amy had one important thing left to say to their fans who watch the show and support them.

"We are very grateful for your support of the show, and hopefully we'll continue to deliver some very good television that will serve to both entertain and educate you. We truly believe that we have the greatest fans on the planet. 'Dead Files' fans are very unique and very passionate about our show. Also, we're doing a photo shoot soon so fans will finally be able to get some shots of us together. We know you've been asking about that, and we're on our way to make that happen for you guys."

"The Dead Files" Season 3 is comprised of 17 episodes - 12 new and 5 revisits. The show airs every Friday on the Travel Channel. Check your local listings.

Exclusive: Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi Talk The Dead Files Season 3 and Answer Fan Questions

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Source: "The Dead Files" on Travel Channel