Time Crimes Helmer to Change the World?

Time Crimes helmer to Change the World?Seems like everyone’s coming out of Sundance talking about a few films this year; Downloading Nancy is one (we told you about it here) and Time Crimes is another, admittedly both for very different reasons. In the case of Time Crimes, people are impressed by how both smart and horrific it is, a combo we don’t see often enough.

So what will Time Crimes director Nacho Vigalondo be doing next? Well, he’s been talking about wanting to do a balls-out zombie film to some press outlets, but Twitch Film got word that he’s also looking expand a short film he did years back called “Changing the World”.

Try and stay with me; the four-minute short plays with the idea of parallel universes; that every decision we make creates a new universe, and multiple realities exist for all possible decisions. One man has the uncanny ability to telepathically communicate with all his doppelgangers from the parallel universes, and now is unable (or unwilling) to do anything at all for fear of creating new versions of himself and adding to the plethora of voices in his head already. The expanded film will have a love interest, as well.

Whoa, now that hurts my brain.

Officially Vigalondo’s next project is The Romp, a love triangle centered around a man who believes he’s able to predict exactly when a UFO will appear, but hopefully someone out there will be smart enough to get a feature length Changing the World done cause this sounds too good to pass up. More as we get it!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • The Woman In Black

    Changing the World sounds right up my alley — a cross between Primer and the parallel time scenario in the final seasons of Dark Shadows. I love it!