First 10 Minutes of Mandy Lane!

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane UK quad (click to see it bigger)!We may still not have an official US release date for All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, but what we do have today is the first 10 minutes of the film. This comes thanks to our buddy Joey M. and Yahoo Movies UK. Though the film is set here in the states, Mandy Lane is getting its big theatrical release first in the UK on February 15, 2008.

If you’ve missed previous news on Mandy Lane, here’s the detailed synopsis: Mandy Lane. Beautiful. Untouched. High school royalty waiting to be crowned. Since the dawn of Junior year, men have tried to possess her. Some have even died in reckless pursuit of this 16 year-old Texas angel.

Chloe and Red invite Mandy out to Red’s family ranch for the weekend. Mandy sees it as an excellent opportunity to cement her new friendships. The boys see it as an opportunity to finally get with Mandy Lane. Driving across the Texas landscape, the kids begin to gently chip away at the wall that surrounds her. Joints are smoked. A keg is stolen off a beer truck. Pills are crushed to fine powder and inhaled. Mandy observes it all with the gentle interest of a foreign tourist. And they love her for it.

At the ranch, all the boys start to make their move — each one hoping to be the first to attain the unattainable Mandy Lane. However, as night falls and the booze, drugs, and hormones take over, things are said and advances made which can never be reversed. Suddenly, sweet Mandy finds herself pit in a brutal struggle for survival against someone whose interest she has rejected. Forget reading, writing and arithmetic. In high school, learning to be yourself and not succumbing to peer pressure is the ultimate test. And this is one exam that Mandy is determined not to fail.


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Mike Phalin

Mike Phalin is a contributing writer, reality television star and engineer.

  • G.D.

    They just tease us and tease us and tease us…

    Man, I remember standing in line for a TIFF movie at the Ryerson in Sept 2006 and seeing the poater/sticker dealies pasted all over the sidewalks and hearing about this flick.

    I just want to see it. Soon. Please?