Diary in Your Town?

Diary of the Dead theater listings!I’ll admit, since Dimension had picked up George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead (review), I was really hoping it’d get a real theatrical release. I mean, they put Cursed in theaters across the country and that was pure shite. Why not give George the credit he deserves and get this out there?

Well, they’re not, so we’ll have to deal with it. A new blog on the Diary of the Dead MySpace page has a list of the preliminary theaters that will be playing the flick come February 15th, 2008, however. It’s larger than had I feared it’d be, but there are still a lot of markets that won’t get it, at least not right away … The best we can do is go out and see it as many times as possible to convince Dimension it deserves a bigger release.

If that doesn’t work, though, you can’t blame me.

The latest chapter in Romero’s Dead series goes back to the first night the dead rose and started eating the living. Luckily it takes place in modern day, so a group of students out to shoot a movie of their own just happen to catch it all on their cameras.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • MidnightTide

    great, its not even showing in canada….fools, this is an actual movie I would pay to go see in the theatre.