Poster for UK’s The Cottage

Cottage poster! (click to see it bigger)The UK horror/comedy The Cottage is set to open in theaters across the pond on March 14th, 2008. Though no official site has been created for it yet, distributor Pathe Films has put together a pretty cool poster that you can see by clicking on the teaser image to the right.

The Cottage follows two brothers who hatch a kidnapping scheme and how everything goes wrong when their victim, a girl much tougher than she looks, manages to get loose from her captors and makes her way into the secluded woods near the cottage they planned to keep her in. The entire group meet with real horror when they run afoul of a psychotic farmer who doesn’t like anyone on his land.

The poster’s got just the right combo of humor and horror to hopefully get the curious into theaters. It doesn’t hurt that early reviews are comparing it to Evil Dead, so we’re keeping an eye on this one. No word on a US release; last we heard Screen Gems had its mitts on it, so keep your ears peeled for more!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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    I gotta say…the poster is kinda…weirdly…cool…