Born of Earth & Hungry for Baldwin

Born of Earth!Fangoria got word on a new creature feature from The Skeleton Factory (what a name for a production company!) that recently wrapped shooting entitled Born of Earth starring celebrity rehabber Daniel Baldwin, James Russo and the ever eccentric Brad Dourif. Here’s the plot synopsis:

“Throughout history mysterious mass disappearances have been well documented, but never explained. Many people blame it on ‘Alien abductions’, but the town of Prophet Hills will soon find out the attacks are truly “Born of Earth”. Danny Kessler (Daniel Baldwin) loses his family one night to these creatures that come from underground. His wife is killed and children abducted. The Mayor (Brad Dourif) and the Sheriff (James Russo) are covering up the disappearances for profit.Five years later the creatures return to take the whole town.”

Directing this low budget monster mash is Tommy Brunswick (a she, not a he), who also helmed the forthcoming fright flicks Little Red Devil (I do believe we’ll have a review of it online soon) and another man-eating monster movie called They Must Eat I’ve been seeing listed on their website for what seems like two years. I’ll try not to hold the fact she also directed that atrocious killer clown movie Mr. Jingles (review) against her.

Creature and carnage effects work on Born of Earth come courtesy of Robert Kurtzman’s Precinct 13. You can check out the film’s trailer at the Skeleton Factory’s MySpace page. Looks like it could prove to be a neat little monster flick as long as you don’t mind rubbersuited pygmy monsters and Brad Dourif with weird hair hamming it up. I don’t.

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