Paul Thomas Does Horror?

PT Anderson does horror?Some interesting news cropped up today that could very well replace Kevin Smith’s Red State as the most anticipated horror movie done by a non-horror director.

Specifically the director in question is Paul Thomas Anderson… Not to be confused with hackmeister Paul W.S. Anderson, P.T. is responsible for such amazing films as Boogie Nights, Magnolia and the now-Oscar nominated There Will Be Blood. The boys at Bloody Disgusting got word today that there’s a good chance Anderson’s next film will be, you guessed it; Horror!

What it will be about is still a mystery, and indeed it sounds like the whole thing is in the very early preliminary stages, but the potential for a really smart horror movie is too good to ignore because of vagueness. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for more and let you know when we hear it!

Johnny Butane

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Wonder what the man will come up with in the Dread Central forums!

Johnny Butane

  • Sam Hell

    Don’t bust that nut just yet. AICN asked the man himself, who said it was news to him.

  • The Depraved One

    The Cigarettes & Red Vines website has sent an e-mail to PT Anderson’s assistant, who replied: “news to me.”

    And why isn’t the long rumored project from non-horror directors Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman more anticipated then Kevin Smith’s Red State?

  • DW Bostaph Jr

    add me to the “believe it when i see it” pile…

    but he could do a kick ass Lovecraft story…


  • G.D.

    call me when there’s something more concrete than “he’s thinking of considering possibly making a horror movie”.

  • The Woman In Black

    Throw Daniel Day-Lewis into the mix as well, and I’ll be tingling all over!

  • What The Cat Dragged In

    This makes me salivate.