Hasbro Does Cloverfield

Cloverfield toy coming to stores soon!It sure is strange in this day and age to hear about a major toy creator making the official toy for a horror/ monster movie as opposed to, say, your Sideshow or Gentle Giant. Apparently the makers of Cloverfield just wanted to make sure their figure gets into as many places as possible.

Variety (!) reports this morning that Hasbro is already taking pre-orders for their 14-inch Cloverfield monster that will include two heads (calm and agitated moods), monster sounds, 10 parasites and the Statue of Liberty head. The deal is apparently as new as the film’s success, as nothing had even been discussed previous to the January 18th release date.

But the great part is that, as of now, there’s still no pic of the toy on Hasbro’s site. Usually this is how monsters are unexpectedly revealed to the common moviegoers, when the toy from the movie is done, but in this case they’re being cool about not revealing the beast’s look. Gotta respect that!

Click here to pre-order the Cloverfield figure now, which is retailing for $100 and won’t even ship till September 30th. For more discussion on the film, check out the latest Dinner for Fiends!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Nomad

    Well that’s not entirely true. Hasbro has admittedly cut down on paint applications, and it’s not for lack of knowing how to do it right. They claim the higher number of articulation points costs more, so paint apps are sacrificed. The QUALITY of the toys are top notch. This is something you can not claim with Toybiz’s run with their loose joints, bendy plastic, warped limbs and sometimes shoddy paints out of nowhere (as in missed hits, overspray, etc etc. Hasbro always makes a solid toy…they just choose to screw us on collector grade quality.

  • PelusaMG

    “For the money they’re asking, this thing better look fucking fantastic.”

    One would hope so!

  • Kryten Syxx

    Sorry, but I haven’t been thrilled with the paint jobs on many of Hasbro’s recent toys. Look at the Marvel line after Toy Biz lost the license. My God these new figures look horrible. Everything about them feels really cheap both in paint application and overall construction.

    For the money they’re asking, this thing better look fucking fantastic.

  • PelusaMG

    There is no Hasbro preview of this ‘toy’ yet people seem prepared to part with large sums of cash for something they believe is going to be great yet have not seen…

    And we wonder why religion thrives in the US!!!


  • Nomad

    wow. may i be the first to say holy crapfuck.

  • Terminal

    Hah! Gotta love it. Hasbro released a toy of the monster? What? There’s no picture of the monster? Love it.