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Ramsey, Anessa (The Signal)



With The Signal (review) on its way to theaters this February 22nd from the good folks at Magnolia Pictures, I got the chance to chat with yet another of the film’s trifecta of central characters: Anessa Ramsey!

Anessa plays Mya in The Signal, a girl who’s caught in enough drama when we first meet her than most people can deal with and now has to come to grips with the fact that a mysterious signal has made anyone who’s come into contact with it go insane. She does a fantastic job, and you guys are going to dig her right away, hopefully even more so after listening to this!

Check out the interview via the links below, and be sure to learn more about The Signal by checking out my interview with co-star A.J. Bowen as well! Visit the official Signal site for full theater listings and more!

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