Big Money for Cloverfield

The cast of Cloverfield watches their box office gross soarI gotta tell you all, it sure feels good to help build the hype on a movie for months and have said hype actually pay off by being a good flick. I refer, of course, to Cloverfield (review).

It gives me kaiju-sized joy to report that Cloverfield managed to come in #1 at the box office this weekend with an estimated $41 million, almost doubling the budget it took to make it opening weekend alone and breaking existing records for the extended Marin Luther King, Jr. weekend. Can there be any doubt a sequel will be far behind?

It’s not surprising; the theater I was at Friday night was packed to the gills, as were the showings before and after mine. All the hype and viral marketing sure as hell paid off, even if most of the latter didn’t have any real impact on the film itself anyway.

Keep your eyeballs open for the latest Dinner for Fiends, in which the film is discussed as only passionate horror fans can discuss it!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Terminal

    This movie rocked my cock. I’m so glad it did well, but the first week hit because of curiosity, let’s be realistic. The second week will matter what with Rambo coming out.