Ghost Adventures Season 7 Q&A with Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin

Question: Hey guys all of you can answer this, I was just wondering like sense you guys deal with the paranormal a lot more than the average person, can you guys even launch like paranormal (horror) movies anymore, or all the inureanchories) and fictionalizations that just drives you nuts?

Aaron Goodwin: I watch paranormal activity and I mean yes, you know, its funny - it's okay (gooey). There's things in there, not all of it but there's moments in there that I've had something happen in my house and obviously that scared me. Scary movies don't really scare me too much because I, you know, I know there's some blood and (unintelligible) and they do it again, you know, so it's kind of like I put myself through (them), I've been doing films for awhile so it's like I know but that movie kind of spooked the crap out of me - just moments of it, not all of it.

Nick Groff: For me personally, it sounds like Exorcist that actually got under my skin now that I didn't think was that scary when I was little, but obviously not the, you know, all that stuff that's fictional - half the stuff, like possession and, you know, just stuff that can take dramatic effects in your lives.

I mean, we've experienced some of the lighter side effects to that, you know, but the paranormal activities and - I've been to the day where you remember what was in the movie and it was a fictional movie, but they're based on actual events and some of these events that are creating these movies actually happen with us in real life - with real evidence that we're capturing, so...

Zak Bagans: Yes, people take our real events and then they make fake movies about them - like Crazy Encounters, you know. It's like, you know, you're seeing the real stuff go down with us and then people want to make these movies about us and stuff and, you know, it's quite funny actually - to flatter, whatever.

Nick Groff: We just had my part wrong, I'm the male model - sorry, literally.

Question: Just one more thing that I was wondering on the logistical level that I've never really seen explained and I was always curious about is why - what's the benefit logistically of holding an investigation in complete darkness?

Zak Bagans: You got to understand there's different spectrums of light and that a lot of things that people just don't understand because they don't know about it and if you don't know about something then you scrutinize it. So the thing is is let's talk about the visible light spectrum - our eyes see a fraction of that spectrum. You go to the left, you've got your infrared light spectrum, you go to your right - or you go to your left you've got your UV spectrum, you go to your right, you've got your infrared spectrum.

The infrared spectrum of lift is a very important spectrum of light, it is the - why - because it is a spectrum of light. Why can't we see ghosts all the time, why can't we see the thing that causes us to give us the goose bumps? Why can't we see the entity that's speaking to us - why can't we see that energy that makes our body react that way? If our body can react to it, why can't we see it - why, why, why, why?

Infrared light can only be seen in total darkness by using a infrared camera and when using infrared cameras, there's a lot of things within that spectrum that are hidden to us - shadows that we wouldn't be able to see with our own eyes because it's too dark. These different balls of energy that we know are made up of energy because we've documented some lights on our millimeters - our electromagnetic detectors, when these balls appear.

When these balls appear with Nick in particularly, just like on the Colorado Central Unit investigation, is it just coincidence that when Nick started feeling like this and I can only count really one other investigation in the last six years that he's felt like this, that a ball of light appears in front of his face, does a really weird movement and disappears in his head - at the same exact time he's feeling sick and emotional? No, it's not a coincidence because that is what was causing him to feel that way.

And again in a world where so much is unexplained and unproven, we make our stand and we really don't care what other people think because we know that our beliefs are based upon fact, experiences and evidence and chain of events and chains of events are very important. So using, you know, investigating in the nighttime, you know, we're able to document a lot of that visual type evidence and at nighttime a lot of things happen at night - a lot of tragic events.

You know, the Valisca murders just came out in the morning time so, you know, a lot of stuff happened in and around the immediate time of night and dusk and down because that energy can really show itself. At night and the rest of the world sleeps at night - it's a lot more quieter, there's birds not chirping, there's construction crews not out there working, there's cars - not as many during the daytime, so at that time we reduce a lot of the contamination elements.

Question: Hey guys it's been a long time, (Sam) and I must say we talk about your episodes as soon as they're over every chance we get on our Facebook page, so thanks for putting on a good show for use all. And then my question for you guys is, you guys do really, really well in interacting with your fans whether it's on your Facebook page or on your Twitter, so what I want to know is how important is it for you guys to maintain that relationship?

Nick Groff: Well very important - it's huge, it's awesome, it's like we want to be out there and talk with them, you know. Like how opportunity do you get with like people on TV to be able to talk to their fans, so so much how we do, it's awesome.

Zak Bagans: Yes I think we really show how we do it and I think it's very visible of how established our fan base is and, you know, we are known for how much we interact with our fan base. You know, we have one of the biggest social media following from scripts networks of - for our show, you know, and it's just because that we have that personality.

We are just regular people, we weren't casted for a TV show and our families aren't from same, you know, we're just regular guys that like to connect with, you know, our fans. We have a heart and so they're very important to us, they keep us going - their comments, their constant Twitter comments, it's rejuvenating - I just said rejuvenating. It's really good, it's uplifting and it keeps the drive going for us to keep doing this - they make it (unintelligible).

Aaron Goodwin: Right, it's good to wake up in the morning and look at your Twitter feed and see all these good comments, you know, like we don't reply to everything but reading is good to hear, you know, and it's good to know.

Nick Groff: Even positively - not negativity.

Question: I wanted to follow-up on something that you mentioned earlier, you were saying that a lot of the investigations that you're doing are to uncover the mysteries of death, I wanted to follow-up on that. So how is all the work that you've done really changed your own perception of what happens after you die and the afterlife?

Zak Bagans: You guys want me to answer this?

Aaron Goodwin: I mean personally I think that I had - in 2009 I had a face-to-face, you know, interaction with a spirit - I turned around and I saw a lady standing in there that shouldn't of been there and (unintelligible) in East LA and that opened up my mind to, okay there is something after we just die - like the body just dies - I just thought that we were living right now.

I think energies eventually will kick everybody to move on to the other side, but when we got out of this body, that energy lingers and at times we're coming in contact with these different energies that haven't moved onto that next place yet. So I think there is life after death if you think of it more in the energy-type form of just leaving this body - what do you think Zak?

Zak Bagans: Yes, it's changed me, you know, I'm a very unique person now and I see the change in Nick and Aaron as well, you know, since I've met them. It's given us a lot of confidence and I see that confidence now in Nick, I see it in Aaron and I see it in myself. Not just because we've been on camera for such a long time and we've had success in this presentation of our passion, but the confidence is because we believe in what we're doing, we believe in the spirits we're coming into contact with.

And it's a very powerful thing, you know, before it's almost like we were two dimensional, you know, our personalities, our bodies - everything, it just seemed to be we were stuck in this current of society and this time and in this day and age. But now that we've been through what we've been through, I believe we were chosen to do this. But because what we've been through together, what we've experienced, we're now in a four-dimensional world and you can tell - you can see that, you can feel that from us now.

And it's a powerful thing to really know that there is an afterlife, you look at people differently - you almost want to just talk to people now. It's easier to talk to people now because you know something that they really don't know. It's not you have a ego, or you're better than then - you just have a complete understanding now of how valuable everything in life is and by this evidence that we're retrieving daily, these investigations, being able to time travel and go back into time and communicate with people that have died, it's the most amazing experience that you can have in life - it truly is.

Question: I just had a couple of questions. First one is after an investigation, is it common for some of the entities maybe to follow you around for a little bit?

Aaron Goodwin: It depends on what we do or if they want to, you know, I don't know, it just happens.

Zak Bagans: I call it a lockdown hangover.

Aaron Goodwin: Does that make sense - is it still just like that or, you know, (they just hunt an old man) and he's coming through my house like, you know, something like that - I mean no.

Zak Bagans: Yes, it's kind of like a lockdown hangover I call it, you know, like if we go on an investigation and there's different levels of when we feel we're in interaction with them, but if we start getting that feeling - that chill, that's our bodies, you know, alarm that hey guys, there's spirits here, get ready. But when you feel that hard when your hair stands up on and you get those goose bumps and you start feeling weird, that is a release of your own energy and a transmission of theirs.

So from within that your body goes into kind of a shock and that shock is felt typically a couple days after - that's an in-the-moment thing, but yes you can have attachments as well. I've had some crazy shit happen in my house, you know, typically after intense lockdowns. Like I just woke up today and I have this huge scratch on my stomach, like going like - it's like a five inch scratch on my stomach, I just took a picture of it before I started this call. You know, but it's just like whatever, you know.

Question: Are there any locations you'd like to investigate but haven't had the chance to yet?

Aaron Goodwin: Yes...

Nick Groff: Of course.

Aaron Goodwin: There's the Egyptian pyramids and (onerous) (Dracula)'s castle, Zak and I talked about that all the time - he definitely wants to go there.

Zak Bagans: Yes I'd love to, I just don't want to climb that climb up the rock because I heard it's a hell of a climb. I want to do that - I want Nick and Aaron to investigate my house, you know, when the timing's right, I'd love for these guys to come over! I put a whole surveillance camera system in my house because of 16 people being attacked in my house and me being dragged out of my bed. So I caught this really cool mist going by one of my cameras and I've never seen that before, it was a really thick mist and it just passed in front of the camera and it was at the same time that some other stuff was going on so it was pretty cool.

Nick Groff: There are places all over the world I think, you know, week after week we're just finding new locations that just amaze us. We're going on another location coming up in another week or so from now that's absolutely amazing. I've been just looking forward to going to this place for the last year or so - there's another place, we have our team call them every year, we have a researcher (Jeff) call them every year at the Psychiatric Buffalo Mental Hospital in New York, they have the Renaissance there I mean it's just absolute amazing.

But every year we get turned down because it's condemned - it's owned by the government, so one of these days hopefully we can get into some of these places.

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Ghost Adventures Season 7 Q&A with Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin

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