Ghost Adventures Season 7 Q&A with Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin

Question continued: And you even push it even further because I couldn't believe that you were standing on the railing and Excalibur saying, okay well if you're here, you know, come and get me basically.

Zak Bagans: Well Nick's a super hero so he would of just flown down and caught me.

Nick Groff: I couldn't see in the dark, but then I see him up on the railing and I'm like, what the heck is he doing. And then I kind of zoomed out and I look the image and I'm like, holy crap he's on the edge of the railing.

Aaron Goodwin: Yes, you know, I watched the footing because I wasn't there and I was like when I saw it, I was like dude - I was like dude that's crazy man, stop.

Nick Groff: Yes that's what we do though.

Zak Bagans: You know, we keep it, you know, we didn't walk away with any credible evidence from that investigation, you know, a lot of people are like, oh did you ever do investigation and other refined stuff? You know, we'll always find some unexplained (laser) stuff, you know, that we still present to the audience and a lot of people think that we're calling it a ghost. No if you look at the word unexplained, that doesn't say paranormal, it say unexplained - we were unable to determine what made the noise.

So we'll always find stuff but, you know, at Excalibur we were really unable to document any, you know, concrete visual audio evidence - it's haunting. So it just shows you how real we are and we just present with whatever we get.

Question: In seven seasons you guys have been to some pretty psychotic locations to say the least and you've kept at it and you've always kept your, you know, oars firmly in the water no matter how choppy it became and I was wondering what - in all the seven seasons of doing this, what has been the most profound thing that has happened to each of you personally and how has it affected you?

Zak Bagans: Goldfield Hotel, one of the very first investigations - for me Zak, when we saw everything take flight - when Nick and I were in the basement ,and that scared the shit out of us and that's what really got us going in this. You know, after we saw that and the little voice that I heard short, you know, after that happened that was captured on the camera's audio.

And to know that we just saw what looked like a brick took flight and then when Nick and I had that footage, you remember Nick we thought that was the only thing and then... .we had someone clean up the graininess of the camera - night vision camera and then we noticed that there was all different kinds of objects taking flight in like a vortex - like a twister, you know. A board levitated itself back up and hit the concrete wall, the opposite trajectory as the brick thing and it was - that's what really got me man when I saw that - that was for me, so you guys go ahead.

Nick Groff: Yes but not only that what Zak's saying, it was more or less like that was amazing to look back on, on video evidence but the energy - the shockwave that went through our bodies at that exact moment, that scared the ever-living daylights out of us and we took off sprinting down the hall, that shook us to the core, you know. And as we went on with investigating throughout our journey - through ghost adventures, I've seen - we realized what scared me the most later in my life was the darker energies, the negative energy that can really have an affect on your own well being.

Your own inner self and being able to, you know, having this negative energy take over your body and stuff and loose self control, loose self conciseness - that's when it gets really scary I think. And that happened to me recently at Central Unit State - Central Unit Prison in Texas there - I hated every second of that because of what happened there.

And I don't know, I just looked at things differently now, I'm just more cautious and everything - and we all are I would imagine, going into a location with the way we conduct our investigations, especially with the negative energies and stuff, you just got to know the dangerous side to things.

Zak Bagans: I want to add real quick if you don't mind, when Nick and I experienced that in Goldfield, I want to add that there was more to it - when two years later there was a husband and wife that came forward and contacted us, telling us that they didn't believe what happened down there. It was the most amazing thing they've ever seen, they've never seen a spirit have that much energy.

And so they went down there with a news crew with (Reno) and they were doing EVP and they've captured hundreds of thousands of EVPs. And to this day, the EVP that answered them in reference to what we experienced when they said, if you guys are in the basement can you tell me if you did this to Zak and Nick - they didn't know us yet.

And they received that Class A response that said, 'thank you but we've done it' - and it was the clearest EVP that they had ever captured, witnessed by a live news crew and even the news reporter was speechless. And that to us just was just - it was amazing, you know, it wasn't a surprise to us, but it was just - it was amazing. It was like validation for us.

Nick Groff: I remember Zak and I looking at each other and going holy crap, that's - that gives us some validation that, you know, what's happened to us, these other people are going down there and they're capturing the voice responding to what happened to us - I mean it was just mind-blowing.

Zak Bagans: And then we - and then real quick, we took - we did an event there Nick, we brought 100 people, because if we captured this then we want to show people - other people, you know, to further validate it. And that's when we brought in 100 people and we did an event and that's when we all witnessed rocks about two inches in diameter levitating off of the ground, straight up and then flying horizontally - and a guy documented this on his cameras. And that was very cool to have people actually witness what we witnessed, just third party people. So it was the perfect event - it was awesome.

Aaron Goodwin: Well I've always been like real scared, when I had my first experience with a documentary with the guys, it's kind of like (wild things), I just didn't want to do it no more and then, you know, after you have experience, you kind of get more involved so I kind of liked it, then I got involved. And then everything got crazy after Matthews followed me home, started affecting my life, started doing all kinds of stuff.

And then that was the first step and then now it's like several episodes, I'm like I've been bringing other things home sometimes and so I can't really say any experience, but that was the beginning experience of stuff that's happened on the show and I kind of sparked me to (haul away) to now - is that the question, I kind of forgot the question.

Question: What type of experiences on the road stick with you? I know there's a huge fan following and what kind of things stand out to you while you're out there?

Nick Groff: I think just hearing people's story, you know, we've traveled all over the world and what stands out is connecting with people. Every place we go there's a new story, there's a new background, a historical location, you know. People's stories that just stand out to us and connecting in that fashion and then going in and capturing evidence is what kind of gives us a thrill, you know, at these locations - for me personally. But I mean I just like talking to people and hearing where they're coming from and their background (more than anything).

Aaron Goodwin: I love the horror - I can't wait for the horror.

Question: What experience that you took the longest to get over? I mean obviously Aaron, you've had some experiences that you've, you know, keep coming back to you.

Aaron Goodwin: Well I don't really get over them, I just kind of deal with them and then like soak it in and move on. Because I used to like (cleanse that place) and do all this stuff and it just got worse, so now I just kind of like sense it and move on to the next one, you know - does that answer the question?

Question: Well do you have any particular experience that take you a long time to get over?

Aaron Goodwin: Well I'm not really trying to get over it, but the experience is still happening pretty much in Season One - I mean you can ask the guys, this stuff just like, oh cool go on. I mean it lingers sometimes, you know, and so it's like sometimes it's not as easy to get rid of, if that makes sense - I think I'm doing the question all wrong, dam-it.

Nick Groff: For me, honestly for me like lately ... Central Unit Prison - this is the most recent event I can think of that really had an affect on me, I just got so violently ill to the point I couldn't even hold a night vision camera up anymore. I came up with a high fever and we were documenting internal evidence all around this event happening with me and I absolutely had to leave the location early in the morning when we were done.

And, you know, I got to the point where I wanted to walk into a walk-in clinic and get antibiotics because I was so just out of it, I was just destroyed by whatever energy took effect on me. And then when I got home, I took antibiotics and it took two weeks to shake what actually attached itself to me.

And knowing what evidence we were capturing at the same time I was coming down with a high fever, I mean it just gave me validation that there was some dark energy lingering and it had a bad effect on me and that was probably one of the most disturbing locations for me personally that it took a very long time to shake. I mean two weeks - I hated it, but it's what we do, you know.

We know the dangerous sides of these type of things and we know the effects and we'll keep doing it, we're just a little more cautious now.

Ghost Adventures Season 7 Q&A with Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin