Ghost Adventures Season 7 Q&A with Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin

Rick Gomes: All right thanks guys, I think we can open it up for questions now, unless you guys have anything else you want to add now.

Question: Good morning, this is for all three of you and it's reader question, one of our reader's wrote in and wanted to know if you guys are able to do this full-time and making a living doing it or if you also have to have a day job?

Zak Bagans: No this is a full-time job.

Nick Groff: We live it, breathe it - we're in it 24/7 - it's full time for us.

Zak Bagans: We wouldn't have time to work another job if we wanted to.

Nick Groff: Yes I know, seriously.

Question: Technology has come so far, but do you think as it improves that you'll actually be able to make people not be disbelievers?

Zak Bagans: It's not our job to really convince people, that's not why we're doing this. We do this for our own sake, you know, we were doing this before the TV show so that, you know, it's very important to understand that. We know, we believe there's going to be people out there that, you know, will not believe - if we do convince them through our evidence, then hey that's great, you know, join - you can join us now in the believing box.

It's - those are two such diverse groups of people, but our non-believers you have to respect them because you really do - I think a majority of them, they want to have that experience for themselves and you want to have that experience for yourselves to believe. So, you know, all of us that have had those experiences, very profound experiences with ghosts and that's why we're believers so, you know, some of this evidence that we're capturing we're just - we're not really that surprises anymore because we already know these ghosts exist.

And with the innovation or the evolution rather of technology, we are now able to obtain evidence that's never been able to be, you know, recorded or captured in the past. You know, you look at cell phones and iPhones and constant software updates, constant - oh the new iPhone 5's out, okay cool, the iPhone 6 is going to come out next year and now it's going to be able to drive your car. You know, technology's insane right now, so we're taking advantage of the technology and implementing it in our investigations.

In our lifetime, we would love to go up against any of the top scientists in the world - we will welcome them, any skeptic, anybody - come out, watch us investigate, we'll show you the evidence and if you can't explain it then you need to give us credit for validating that the existence of ghosts is 100% real because you cannot tell us an explanation - a logical debunking explanation as to why we just captured a full-bodied apparition right in front of our faces and there was not a living person in front of us - explain to us that.

And explain to us how some things is answering our questions that only they would know 100 years ago - explain to us that. So that's what we will say to any non-believers, any skeptics, we are open to have you witness these investigations, you can watch us, you can come out and that's how confident we are as to use the level of evidence that we are obtaining.

Question: What you're doing to work and help these people who are crying out for help as described in these few episodes you just talked about?

Zak Bagans: Okay, I think that by helping them, they know that they're being traumatized by something they're unable to explain. If you're physically being affected by something and you can't explain it or you don't understand it, you live in a dark cloud, you think that you're alone. And to feel alone in society, to feel alone in life, that is depression, that is oppression and you want answers. And we understand with these people, we connect with them because we've had it happen to us, Nick has had it happen, Aaron has suffered through it, I have suffered through it.

And we know that when you're under the wrath of dark, demonic-type spirits, they want you to feel like that. They want you to feel scared and by getting answers and documenting evidence that you are being affected - it's like being diagnosed with something. It's like when you're sick and you don't know what's wrong with you, so you go on the computer, you're trying to self-diagnose yourself, you're all that - you're not in a good state of mind, okay.

You're in a bad - you need closure, you need to find out what's wrong with you - it's the same thing when you're affected by oppression on the other side - you don't understand what's going on. And as soon as you tell these people look, I've been there before, I know what you're going through, I have felt what you have felt - immediately right there there's a sense of relief. Because you're now not alone, you're now telling them you're not alone, I have felt this too - they're immediately affected by that and relieved.

We take it to the next step by telling them to step aside, let us come in, let us bring in Father Ashcraft, the doctor, let us try and remedy this situation. Let us try and document evidence that this stuff is really affecting you so that you can see it, so that you can hear it. And once we are, you know, able to provide that - if we can, there's no guarantee, then they can actually see what is affecting them, like an x-ray at the doctor's office.

They can see what's affecting them so now we can give them our treatment plan, we can tell them look we can give you the services of Father Ashcraft. If you choose to stay, here's what we recommend, if you choose to leave here's what we recommend - so that's how we go through the process of helping.

Question: Zak, how do you feel when you keep hearing your name being called?

Zak Bagans: I love it, you know, it's like going to a club and the girls already know your name. You know, it's cool, you know, I mean that's what we're looking for - we're looking for ghosts so if they know you by name, they already know what's up. You know, it's a lot more personal and now you see how either good or bad you're going to be messes with.

You know, it's just always interesting - in the paranormal you can't physically see a person in front of you, so you can feel their energy but just by feeling their energy, you don't always know if they're good or bad or if they're just messing with you. If they're bad thinking they're good, so it's just such a mysterious veil and once we, you know, part that veil and look inside - I call it the spirit bubble.

When we're interacting with those spirits and you feel it, you know, you feel that charge, you loose track of time, you don't even know that you're really alive because you're so deep into their world. It's kind of like a out-of-body experience, it's just your energy connecting with their energy and it's just - it's an awesome feeling, it's a rush - it's what we do.

Question: Aaron are you still surprised after all these years of doing this that you still can, you know, be electrified like that?

Aaron Goodwin: Well yes I mean like every spot's scary, I mean I don't care who you are, when it happens you get spooked. And so I was a lot more spooked back in the day but since the Winchester Mystery House and Hell Bar Dam and (unintelligible) and everything's kind of changed now, I still get really scared but I'm ready to like face it upfront now. Like back in the day, get me out of there, but now since doing it for so long, you get thrown in a lion's den then you fight lion - you become a lion in a way, you know. So now I kind of dig it and so bring it. I still get scared, don't get me wrong - I mean when something like that happens, you're just like scared for your life for that moment and then we do this job for a living so hey go for it and at it, you know, there's no running away on this job.

Question: Nick what do you prefer - do you prefer the spirit box or the voice data box?

Nick Groff: I like both of them - I like both of them because the spirit box is happening to some, you know, the frequencies and I like the PX too because it's getting - it's based off of energy so it's really interesting what both device can actually capture and they both are - have been really awesome for us in the past.

The PX devices work great with us, we figured out this weird desk of an individual based of the PX when I was given those evidence at - where was it, Hill View Manor there, that was really interesting. And then the Spare Fox has been unbelievably amazing for us with spirits coming through talking to us and what we've captured in the past. So they're both awesome - I like them both.

Question: Have you every felt real hard apprehension going into a place like Excalibur Club in Chicago?

Aaron Goodwin: Yes but I think like the reason people investigate the paranormal is because we're trying to overcome the mystery of death and that in and of itself is something that lives within every living person - everybody. We all experience death, we experience those who pass around us and we are forced to find out if that is just the end - which it is not.

So what we do is when we're experiencing a situation that maybe, you know, scary, it's almost now a sense of relief because now we're getting validation that there's something beyond this living world that we're now experiencing that's making us scared. So that emotion of fear, which is scary because you can get attacked, you can get, you know, (a fall) attached and naturally, you know, that is scary. But now it's turned into kind of a sick smile, you know, where we're just like, oh wow this is great.

So we were scared at first but now instead of running and screaming, we hold our ground and we get spooked, you know, in the moment, you know, but it sets in and it's a sense of relief that, thank you. You know, even though you're scary, thank you for validating to me right now that you just gave me some type of closure for death - that you are intelligently interacting with me right now and you have no living body. You are using your energy to interact with me, the energy that was in your living body, you're giving us validation right now of life after death, thank you. So we thank the one's who scare the shit out of us.

Ghost Adventures Season 7 Q&A with Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin