Dexter: The Top 7 Most Vicious Killers

2. The Ice Truck Killer aka Rudy Cooper aka Brian Moser (Christian Camargo)

Season 1 started off with a bang. Almost immediately we are introduced to Dexter's dark secret, followed by a blood-drained and dismembered body with no head. This body is the work of the Ice Truck Killer.

Brian Moser, son of murdered Laura Moser and brother to unknowing Dexter, kills his victims and drains them completely of their blood. He then cuts the body into strategic pieces and places them in public places with subtle clues for Dexter to follow. Each clue helps Dexter remember a small piece of his past, which he has managed to forget.

Instead of just approaching Dexter to confess their relation, Brian kills to create a puzzle for Dexter to solve, ending in the attempted murder of Debra. What Brian didn't count on was Dexter's love for his sister.

3. The Skinner aka George Washington King (Jesse Borrego)

The trouble in Season 3 started when Dexter killed Freebo, a small time heroin dealer. It turned out that Freebo owed someone quite a bit of cash, that someone being George King. King owned a tree trimming service, which allowed him to go undetected as he trailed Debra Morgan as she interviewed Freebo's friends and associates for his whereabouts. Soon after speaking with them, each person would show up dead, skinned. Eventually, through the fear of an employee of King, Deb was able to deduct that King was the skinner, but not before Dexter could kill him.

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The most vicious DEXTER killers are the show's writers.

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