New Day of the Dead Remake Trailer Online

Day of the Dead or my reaction to the new trailerDid Zack Snyder actually pull off the impossible with his Dawn of the Dead remake? Could lightning strike twice? Judging by the looks of this newest trailer … I just want to … I mean maybe I should … Jesus. Someone please get me some aspirin. Maybe a bottle of Absinthe too while you’re at it.

Simply put, this looks like Day of the Dead for Dummies. Yes, the zombies look OK and maybe there are a few good gore effects here and there, but man, everything just seems so out of place and wrong.

I have to wonder, if this flick was called something, anything, other than Day of the Dead, would I have such a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach? Probably not, but who can tell? I guess we’ll all find out soon enough when this flick hits DVD on April 8th (Pre-order Day of the Dead from EvilShop here).

Anyway, a new trailer has hit the Net on the MySpace Trailer Park. Click below to check it out. I’m just gonna go sit in the corner and weep quietly.

Day of the Dead exclusive trailer

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Uncle Creepy

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  • Chainsaw

    You knwo, now that I think about it, I really wish I could see this live with a bunch of people at a screening. Just to see how uncomfortably quiet the theater would get.

    And to watch Dudelson’s face as they all quietly filed out.

  • Grimmaldi

    Can Nick Cannon just eat a bullet for fucks sake? Ving Rhames officially a B actor now.

  • Bone Daddy

    Junk. The original-and it has its lion share of detractors, at least had a grim sense of purpose and showed the effects of a decaying, fractured civilization spiraling down the abyss. No catchy one liners or fresh scrubbed faces. Ugh.

  • stefanihorror

    Mena Survi as a military person ohhhh please and Nick Cannon why doesn’t it just say across the top “Brought to you by MTV Pictures” at least the chick from Nip/Tuck is in it and well that is all I can say!!!

    My Pet Zombie Hates Your Guts, But Loves Your Brain!!!

  • Uncle Creepy

    “You see a black man with a sharp stick and right away it’s a spear”

    *blank stare*

  • Chainsaw

    If there was justice, lightning would strike twice. Preferrably while Jim Dudelson and Jeffery Reddick were holding golf clubs in the air in a pool.

  • Rotten Cotton Shawn

    Fuck this movie. The entire cast and crew should be burned alive. And have you guys seen the Gawd-awful DVD box art?

    Isn’t that the absolute worst box art ever? Fuck. A zombie puking? Since when do zombies get sick and barf?


  • thedudeabides

    Well, they did it.

    This whole time I’ve been championing this movie…when no one else would, I was saying things like, “Give it a chance” and “Geez, guys, it’s only a movie. Get some perspective, blah blah blah”…

    I thought the first trailer looked pretty cool, and the movie seemed pretty damn entertaining, even if it was a bit misguided.

    And I love zombie movies. And I’ll watch them no matter how shitty they are, always in the vain hope for a new “classic.”

    But they did it. They completely disgusted me, and turned me against this movie.

    The zombie action looks fine, but the whole tone is a jokey, “in yo face” type of scenario.

    This misplaced, ill advised black humor just turned me off, also. And before anyone says anything stupid, I make a point of mentioning this because the trailer itself puts the homie’s whitey jokes as a selling point of the movie.

    I’ll save the “double standard” tirade that you’ve all heard before, but personally I just find it annoying and a cheap laugh. It just doesn’t seem to fit here.

    It doesn’t offend me in the least, but it annoys me and completely takes me out of what the movie is trying to convey – terror, zombie action, a cheap buck, whatever.

    “White people have names like Lenny, black people have names like Carl.”

    The movie looks like it doesn’t know just what it wants to be. A horror movie? A goofy? What?

    To me, it just looks sloppy. Of course I will see it. Fuck it, I will buy it. And I will watch it hoping for the best.

    But I know I won’t get it.

  • doubleh55

    I thought it was a much better trailer than the first one that made the film seem serious. I just think this is another case of a movie that would have been better off being called something different. I think a persons opinion of the film would change.

    Wait, Uncle Creepy just said the same thing. Well it’s a direct to DVD film now so it can’t be that offensive.

  • DW Bostaph Jr

    oh what the fuck?

Steve Barton

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