Exclusive: Signal Star Talks Maidenhead!

A.J. Bowen talks Maidenhead!Over the weekend I got the chance to talk to A.J. Bowen (pictured), one of the stars of The Signal (review), which is out in theaters on February 22nd, 2008 (full theater listing is here). During our general chatter about The Signal, Creepshow 3 and all things horror, I had to ask Bowen about his production company, Normaltown Productions (named after the neighborhood in Athens, GA), who just finished their first production over the summer.

”I co-produced and starred in a film that we shot late summer in Austin, TX called Maidenhead. A friend of mine, Jim Spanos, came up with the story; he wrote a really excellent, counter-culture script that’s a genre picture,” Bowen told me, ”It’s about a guy who’s taking care of his dad who just so happens to be a vampire. It’s a very atmospheric story.

How atmospheric? Well, for starters it was shot in black and white and was heavily influenced by the early works of David Lynch, David Cronenberg and other experts in the realm of strange, off-kilter films. ”It’s a movie that tonally, if we did our job, should be a feature-length Twilight Zone episode; essentially it’s Psycho in reverse.”

Sounds like a very interesting piece, and it doesn’t hurt that the team managed to get Michael Parks (From Dusk Till Dawn, Death Proof, Kill Bill) to take on the role of the vampiric father. A true case of throwing caution to the wind, the team sent the script off to Parks and actually heard back from him the very next day!

You can learn more about Maidenhead as well as all things Signal by giving a listen to my interview with A.J. Bowen. We’ll have more Maidenhead goodies for you very soon so stick around!

Johnny Butane

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