Perlman Keeps Hellboy Alive

Screenshot from Hellboy: The Science of EvilRon Perlman has certainly embraced his role as the once and future Hellboy, lending his vocal talents to two animated films about Big Red as well as the upcoming video game Hellboy: The Science of Evil, which has been in development for seemingly ever now.

“Anything that contributes to the general public’s engagement and interest in as beloved a character as Hellboy is to me is of major concern,” Perlman told Sci Fi Wire in a recent interview about all thing Red. “I do not play video games, so I am unfamiliar with the finished product of the Hellboy game … I thought the writing for the game was smart and well realized, with the extra added attraction of Guillermo’s personal involvement in the project.”

What, exactly Del Toro’s participation isn’t made clear, but it’s pretty safe to assume he and Hellboy creator Mignola served as consultants for the game, so developer Krome Studios could make sure they didn’t get anything wrong.

Hellboy: The Science of Evil will feature a storyline separate from this summer’s Hellboy II: The Golden Army (trailer) and is set to ship out in June for Xbox 360, PSP and Playstation 3. Perlman also lent his voice to a third animated film, Hellboy Animated: The Phantom Claw, which sounds very old-school radio serial to me.

Click here to pre-order Hellboy: The Science of Evil now and check out it’s trailer below thanks to Game Trailers!

Johnny Butane

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