New WWE Barricade Trailer Keeps the Ghosts Out

As if! Let's face it, man. If ghosts want in, they'll get in. That is, if you don't pour salt all around the perimeter of your house and entranceways like doors and windows and such. See what we learn from watching "Supernatural?"

Fido director Andrew Currie helms Barricade for WWE Studios with "Will & Grace" star Eric McCormack toplining the supernatural thriller from writer Michaelbrent Collings.

A psychiatrist (McCormack), seeking to find normalcy after the sudden passing of his wife, takes his two kids to a remote cabin for healing and bonding. Their joy soon turns to despair when the family is terrorized by unknown forces, and the father will stop at nothing to save them from peril.

Barricade marks the first original production from WWE Films to not feature one of their wrestling superstars in either a starring or major supporting role.

New WWE Barricade Trailer Keeps the Ghosts Out

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This looks really typical of ghost films but I enjoyed Fido and would love to see McCormack tackle a dark role such as this. I just hope it's not the "father slowly loses his sanity and becomes a threat to his family due to paranormal influence" type thing. That is probably my least favorite sub-genre. Yes, I believe there are enough of those films to create their own sub-genre.

Submitted by MakeThisAMovies on Sat, 09/08/2012 - 10:40am.
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But... but... how could anything go wrong on Free Candy Day?!

Free candy, people!

Submitted by Shambling_in_Ba... on Fri, 09/07/2012 - 3:59pm.
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'Fido' was extremely clever and badly underrated (or simply not seen) so for the first time I'm interested in something connected to the WWE.

Submitted by Vanvance1 on Fri, 09/07/2012 - 3:16pm.

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