Two More for Insomnifest

Left for Dead!Slasherpool’s Insomnifest (the world’s first online only film festival) has been coming along rather nicely these past few weeks. Already several horror movies from around the globe are getting scooped up and even more are on their way.

This week the fest’s official site announced two new entries: Left for Dead and Pocong AKA Shrouded. Unlike the other pics in the catalog (“Second Insomnifest Title Announced!” – December 2007), these two are lacking trailers at the moment. As soon as the trailers do sprout up, we’ll add them to the Video Dread. Now, let’s take a look at what these two films have to offer.

Left for Dead, directed by Christopher Harrison and starring Danielle Harris, takes place on “Devil’s Night, the night before Halloween, and five fraternity brothers have just become responsible for the death of an innocent person. They swear to never speak of the accident again and it seems like they have just gotten away with it. One year later the five friends are at a Halloween party and someone hasn’t forgotten about last year… and he’s got a machete!

Shrouded!So, it’s a little bit of I Know What You Did flicks and a little bit of Halloween. I am not all that sure about this one for some reason … maybe because the face in that poster looks amazingly like Michael Myers. Hope we get the trailer soon.

Shrouded, by Indonesian director Rudi Soedjarwo, was actually banned in its own country and has never been officially screened until Insomnifest came around! Ah, I miss the good old days of watching movies that were “banned.”

Anyway, Shrouded‘s plot goes like this: Wisnu is a good man with a loving family, but all of this changes when a gang of crooks break into his family’s store and kills his entire family right before his eyes. Shortly thereafter, Wisnu starts having ghostly visions of a shrouded ghost and every time he sees it, his desire for revenge grows stronger. The shrouded ghost slowly turns him from a nice and gentle man to a cruel and evil man filled with hatred…

Insomnifest is shaping up to be a very well rounded festival so far and they’ve still got 8 more slots to fill. The whole shindig kicks off on St. Valentine’s Day. What a perfect way to celebrate love!


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