A Third Lost Boys?

New Lost Boys 2 Pics!Wow, yesterday I discovered that Corey Feldman has his own site; today I learn he’s got a personal blog to go with it. So really, despite him being a grown-up hearththrob to many girls of my generation, he’s just a geek like the rest of us. Just with more money.

Upon said blog, the Feldog made the revelation yesterday that, since Warner Bros. is so happy with how The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe has come out, they’re already in talks about making a third movie. Of course it’s all going to be based on how well the sequel does when it’s released direct-to-DVD this summer, but something tells me WB has a moneymaker on it’s hands, if nothing else because of morbid curiosity.

Be sure to read the entire blog for Feldman’s thoughts on a another “darker, more real” season of “The Two Coreys”, something I think we can all agree is long overdue.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane