Bettis’ Scar Rolls

Angela Bettis goes to work in ScarA while back we told you about a new movie uber cool genre actress Angela Bettis was involved in called Scar, the first modern horror film to be shot using new 3-D technologies. Fangoria has learned that the film is now in front of cameras this week in Calgary, Canada, under the direction of Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings producer Jed Weintrob.

In Scar Bettis stars as Joan Burrows, a woman who returns to her hometown for her niece’s graduation, which is also the same town in which she was responsible for murdering a serial killer who had captured and tortured her and her friend years earlier. Her return to the town prompts a new wave of similar killings, and once again she has to face up to her own personal issues to put a stop to it.

The nice thing about the premise is that it doesn’t really lend itself to showy 3-D, so we know that the technology will be used to give the movie a deeper, richer feel rather than to show the audience how cool a knife being thrown at them looks in 3-D or some such nonsense.

“Making one of the first new live-action 3-D films with this technology is very exciting,”producer Norman Twain told the site. “As a low-budget horror picture, all the elements are in place, and it’s a very smart script.” The super cute Kirby Bliss (“Entourage”) Blanton and comedian/actor Christopher Titus co-star with Bettis. Look for more info on it real soon!

Johnny Butane

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