Horror Gaming Bigger and Better on the Nintendo 3DS XL? We Compare!

Horror Gaming Bigger and Better on the Nintendo 3DXL? We Compare!If Nintendo does anything right, it's their handheld gaming systems. They've had a lock on the industry since the original Gameboy came out in August of 1989. Well, we have come one hell of a long way from the days of moving blocks around on a monochrome screen.

The only annoying thing about Nintendo and their various handheld devices is their habit of releasing different versions of the same thing slightly or sometimes dramatically enhanced to make the portable gaming crowd happy. In 2011 the Big N released the Nintendo 3DS to a market already flooded with Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, and of course Nintendo DS XL. So many choices. So many options. We actually feel a little sorry for parents given the amount of confusion.

Anyway, this week Nintendo launched their new Nintendo 3DS XL gaming system, and our man Casey King is here to compare how the new device stacks up against the original 3DS. Is it worth the double dip? The extra cash? Find out in this exclusive comparison video.

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