Aliens Abducted Taking Over on August 23rd

The iOS title Aliens Abducted is set to invade on August 23rd. Players will help aliens Moe, Barry and Marvin move around the world as they fight robots to earn stars in order to escape!

From the Press Release
Bilu Games, an indie development studio, announces the release on August 23th of its new and uncommon IOS game: Aliens Abducted. It’s Geography as you have never seen before. The game presents a combination of stunning 3D graphics and 2D handmade cartoons. Travel with Moe, Barry and Marvin around the world guessing every country flag. Aliens Abducted introduces Escape a vertiginous 60 fps platformer game. Help Moe fight against robots. Escape unlocked after the player earns 25 stars.

The game’s library will help the player learn every country location, flag, capital city and population. It has useful Wikipedia links to get more into World’s Geography. It also includes an awesome selection of famous quotes.

You can visit the official Bilu Games website to learn more about Aliens Abducted.

Aliens Abducted Taking Over on August 23rd

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